This page includes the most important questions regarding "Cheap Calls". If you cannot find a suitable answer, our support team will gladly assist you. Please send us an email to info@cheapcallsapp.com.

Why should I use Cheap Calls?

Cheap Calls allows you to make very cheap international calls as often and for as long as you want. You can call over 150 countries from your landline or mobile network. Cheap Calls either connects your international telephone calls via a normal national telephone number or makes a callback. This means that you only pay the normal rate your network provider charges for a domestic landline call. Generally very expensive international rates are now a thing of the past.

Do I have to register with Cheap Calls?

Yes, to use Cheap Calls you must first of all register free of charge via the app, using an email address and a password. Users who have already registered for PeterZahlt can also use their existing PeterZahlt login details for Cheap Calls.

I have forgotten my user data. What should I do?

Firstly click the login button in the app, then click on the forgotten password button and enter your email address. We will then send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How much does Cheap Calls cost me?

The charges for connecting internationally via Cheap Calls can be found in our rates.
In addition to our charges per minute you also pay the standard rate charged by your network provider for calls to a domestic landline. If your contract includes minutes or a flatrate for calls to domestic landlines, this also applies to your calls with Cheap Calls.

The Cheap Calls application itself is free and is available at App Store and on Google Play.

When can additional charges be incurred?

If you have a landline and data flatrate for your mobile, there are no additional charges apart from the rate per minute charged by Cheap Calls. The current rates per minute can be found in our rates.

If you have no flatrate, the following charges may be incurred for every call:
Calling costs to a national landline number and data costs for communication with our servers. The exact charges depend on your mobile tariff.

What is the referral code and how can I make referrals?

You have been recommended the Cheap Calls app by an acquaintance and have received a referral code. Enter this code when registering or entering your login to receive 50 cents bonus credit and you can then start calling immediately. You will also receive a further 2 Euros bonus credit when you first top up your credit.

Are you already a satisfied Cheap Calls app user? Then you can recommend Cheap Calls to others and will be rewarded with bonus credit. Simply pass on the referral code that is displayed in your personal account field to friends or acquaintances. If the user referred by you pays for additional credit you shall receive another $4.00/4,00 € bonus credit for this first payment.

How do I pay for my calls via Cheap Calls?

To be able to use Cheap Calls you must have sufficient credit. The costs for telephone calls you make will be deducted from your credit. You can top up your credit at any time within the app and at cheapcallsapp.com. Additionally: as a PeterZahlt user your PeterZahlt credit can also be used for Cheap Calls.

What payment methods are accepted by Cheap Calls?

For crediting your account we accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

How much credit must I top up with?

The minimum credit amount that you can top up with is 5 Euros. You can also top up by multiples of 10 or 25 Euros. The maximum top up credit is 100 Euros.

Why is the topped up credit not displayed?

After topping up your credit your current credit is usually immediately displayed. For technical reasons it may sometimes be delayed, resulting in the displayed credit not corresponding to the actual amount.

What does the start-up offer include?

As part of the start-up offer you will receive a one-off bonus credit of 50 cents, which expires after one month.* With this credit you can immediately test our service and call a landline in the USA for 45 minutes, for example!

How does the tariff display work?

To ensure that you always have call charges under control, you can display the most up-to-date tariff before each phone call. You can activate or deactivate this tariff display setting via your account settings.

Why can I see an access number when dialling?

Cheap Calls connects your international calls via a standard national landline number. From there you will automatically be connected to your actual destination phone number. For this reason you don't see the usual number of the person you wish to call on your mobile phone screen when dialling, but rather the special access number used by Cheap Calls. This also applies to your mobile phone bills.

The person I've called hasn't answered, do I still pay?

No. Charges start from the moment you are connected with the person you are calling.

Why can (and should) I not use Cheap Calls abroad?

Cheap Calls uses special national landline numbers in order to be able to offer you the cheapest rates. If you use Cheap Calls abroad in callthrough mode you will dial this domestic landline number which can often lead to higher charges than those offered by your network provider for international calls. Furthermore, a data link is required to transfer the number of the person you wish to call, which is also generally deactivated when abroad due to the cost. We do not recommend using Cheap Calls abroad (even as an experiment).

How does the callback procedure work?

You start by selecting "callback" as connection type. You then fill in the number you want to call. In case you havent already, you can store your number into our database in the next step.
After you entered your number, you will get a call on the number you gave. For these calls we will charge you a fee in addition to the standard rate of each country, you can view the current charges in our rates. By choosing this feature, you will still pay less than with any other provider of international calls.
The callback procedure is a low priced feature for everyone who doesnt have a flat rate or free minutes for their national landline.

What does "your number" mean?

You can store your number into our database for the callback procedure. This way you won't have to type in the number again before each call you want to make, you just need to enter it once.

How does the callthrough procedure work?

Callthrough is the "standard" Cheap Calls procedure.
Your call will always be arranged through a national dial-in number that will connect you with the actual phone number of the person, you want to talk to: No matter if you're calling a mobile phone or if you are making an international call - you always pay the standard rate for a national call to the respective landline only.
This procedure therefore is especially suitable for everyone who has a flat rate option or additional landline minutes in their mobile plan.
Just type in the desired number before each call, the connection through the dial-in number will be set up automatically.

How do I use my Google Wallet to top up?

You need to have a Cheap Calls app which is no older than december 2012 (otherwise please update your app). When you click on "add credit" (under "account"), the first menu point reads "Google account", click on it, select "top up value" and you will redirect to the Google Play Store where you can buy credit with your google wallet.

What is 3-D Secure (MasterCard SecureCode / Verified by Visa)?

3-D Secure makes using your credit card online a safer experience. By requesting a personal security code it is checked if the transaction is actually performed by the legitimate cardholder.

How do I obtain the 3-D security code?

Registration for 3-D Secure (MasterCard SecureCode® or Verified by VISA®) can be done quickly and easily on the website of the bank that has issued the card.

How do I use the security code?

After you've entered the card details and clicked on "Confirm", you will be taken to an input window provided by the card issuer (usually your bank). You may have to disable a popup blocker or specifically allow the popup provided by the card issuer. After verifying the welcome message and the purchase information, please enter your 3-D security code to confirm the transaction.

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* The bonus credit expires after one month, unless a payment is made.