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Screenshot Cheap Calls - Dialling pad Screenshot Cheap Calls - Contacts Screenshot Cheap Calls - Call log Screenshot Cheap Calls - Favourites
Screenshot Cheap Calls - Dialling pad Screenshot Cheap Calls - Contacts Screenshot Cheap Calls - Call log Screenshot Cheap Calls - Favourites

Cheap Calls - talk more for less

Reach your loved ones on their landlines and mobiles via "Cheap Calls" in almost any countries around the world. For the latest news visit our news area.

As a start-up offer you will receive a one-off 50 cent bonus credit, which expires after one month.* With this credit you can immediately test our service and call a landline in the USA for 45 minutes, for example!

Top up your account with additional credit - you will receive $4.00/4,00 € worth of credit for each successful Cheap Calls referral.**

Along with our no advertising guarantee, we also guarantee the best line quality without draining your battery, as the app automatically connects you to a German access number rather than via VoIP, WLAN or Softphones, as is the case with other providers such as Skype. Using the service is very easy and it works without you having to enter any dialling codes or retyping your contact numbers. You simply call the number from your contact list directly or enter it via the number pad.

Before each call you can display the tariff. If Cheap Calls does not support the number of the person you wish to call you will receive a message, without the call being connected. In future the risk of high charges for international calls will no longer be a concern thanks to Cheap Calls - and all this without any monthly fees or a minimum number of calls!


  • Extremely cheap international calls.
  • No monthly fees or minimum number of calls.
  • International calls to landlines and mobiles.
  • Start-up credit and referral bonus.
  • Simple operation.
  • Transparent costs and no advertising.

New application shocks the sector: Outrageous charges for international calls may be withdrawn by mobile network providers in future thanks to Cheap Calls.

Euro am Sonntag

A truly great program. Long-distance calls are fun once again. Genuinely recommended!

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Further info

  • Please note that costs may be incurred for connecting via the access number if you have no flatrate for calls to landlines.
  • The access number dialled by the app is assigned dynamically for your call. Never directly call this telephone number, as you will only receive an error message.
  • Roaming (using Cheap Calls in a foreign network) is currently supported through the "Callback" mode. It does not eliminate the roaming costs but may greatly reduce them.
(*)The bonus credit expires after one month, unless a payment is made.
(**) A successful referral means that a friend to whom you have recommended this app has registered with us and topped up with credit.